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Get married in the mountains at Katschberg

Celebrate a romantic wedding in between Mary’s chapel, Herzerlweg & Kuschelalm

Love is in the air at Katschberg! Couples in love will find an unforgettable scenery for their dream wedding up on the mountain, even higher than 1.850m. The Gamskogelhütte becomes a wedding registry office from June until September, so in summer it is Carinthia and Salzburg’s highest registry office.

Registered and church wedding at Katschberg

Just next to the Gamskogelhütte there is the charming Mary's chapel, where you can get married with priest’s blessing as well. During your wedding, you can enjoy a wonderful mountain scenery, in between of untouched fields and the impressive mountain panorama.

Honeymoon and visit of the Kuschelal,

After your wedding, a banquet at Gamskogelhütte and the ride with a wedding horse-drawn carriage down the Herzerlweg, honeymoon is waiting - which you can spend at Katschberg as well. Very suitable for that would be for example the wedding suite at Romantic Hotel Lärchenhof. Another special way would be a visit at the so called “Kuschelalm”, that belongs to the hotel as well, located in the forest near the hotel. Romance and relaxation are the highest goal here - no matter if directly after the wedding for a wedding picnic or even before the wedding - maybe for the perfect proposal at Katschberg?

Celebrate your wedding at Katschberg, Carinthia and Salzburg’s highest registry office

The Gamskogelhütte is a popular destination, not only for hikers, but only for couples in love, who are getting married. Express your love and devotion to each other inside this wonderful mountain scenery of Katschberg’s nature from June until September. Which wedding couple would not have this wish for the most beautiful day of their life?

Celebrate the most beautiful day of your life at the place, where Carinthia and Salzburg present their most beautiful landscapes

It’s the small things that make the most important day of a couple’s life the most beautiful as well. So, each couple may leave a red heart with their names and the wedding date inscripted at Mary's chapel. The numerous hearts named the so-called Herzerlweg, that leads from the valley up to Mary's chapel. Couples may also get up to the hut with the wedding horse-drawn carriage as well.

Celebrate your dream wedding at Gamskogelhütte at 1.850m hight

The border between Carinthia and Salzburg leads exactly through the Gamskogelhütte and their own registry office. So you can get married either at the Carinthian side of the mountain or at the Salzburg side. Furthermore the Gamskogelhütte offers several wedding services to guarantee that you’ll have the most beautiful day of your life, for example with offering a shuttle service or the musical and culinary frame of your celebration.