Full tilt down the mountain in the Lieser- Maltatal

Nothing stands in the way of a fantastic tobogganing party

When the Lieser- Maltatal goes tobogganing with its guests - then they will have fun. Because tobogganing takes place amongst other places on the Sonnalm Stubeck, Gmünd’s sunny local mountain. The run starts at 1.700m, and leads on the wide, 8 km forestry road down into the valley.

On Stubeck, the tobogganers’ mountain (12 km from Gmünd) - the winter has a few surprises for you, and certainly not everyday ones!

For example, the 8 km natural toboggan run, on the access road, or the 4 km piste toboggan run on the Sonnalm Stubeck from the “Eggenkopf”. When piste tobogganing, access is only possible by summit taxi (minimum 8 persons). From the summit, you hurtle, on skis or toboggan, back down to the lodge. There is also a 1km toboggan run at the Frido-Kordon-Hütte, where children and parents can let off steam. A curling rink also invites one to relax. There are plenty of opportunities here for snowshoeing and touring. When stopping off at the Frido-Kordon-Hütte or the Wölflbauerhütte one can “fill up” again in really cosy surroundings.
By arrangement, you can pay to be picked up by the “Tobogganers’ Taxi” at the bus stops along the access road, or direct from your accommodation.

Frido-Kordon-Hütte: Tel.: 0043 (0)4733 528 oder 0043 (0)664 3257530

Wölflbauerhütte: Tel.: 0043 (0)664 6520173

Piste tobogganing on the Stubeck

Nobody need do without an aid to ascent on the Stubeck. The “Tobogganers’ Taxi” takes speed skaters and skiers in a few minutes up from the Frido-Kordon-Hütte (1,700m) to the Eggenkopf (2,108m). This "Taxi" is a converted piste basher, on the load carrying surface of which c. 20 tobogganers can sit in comfort. The piste basher simply tows the toboggans behind.

The piste basher also fulfils another important function: it prepares tje 4 km piste that one whizzes on down into the valley. Skiers are of course carried as well. Most experts do without the aid to ascent, putting skins on their skis and using muscle power to walk up the 2,300m Stubeck. One can comfortably reach the peak from the Frido-Kordon-Hütte in two hours.

Hotline Taxi: Tel.: 0043 (0)4733 528 oder 0043 (0)664 3257530

Gästeinformation Gmünd
9853 Gmünd, Hauptplatz 20
Tel.: 0043 (0)4732 2215 14

Tobogganing Sportberg Goldeck

At the "Goldeck Panoramastraße" ca. 5 km 
Ascent by foot! / Please bring your own tobbogan!

Goldeck Bergbahnen GmbH
9805 Baldramsdorf, Schwaig 38
Tel.: 0043 (0)4762 286470

Tobogganing in Innerkrems
The toboggan run is open for you every day, and starts by the church on the Nockalmstrasse (Length c. 1 km). Toboggan hire from Sport Schiffer or by arrangement on the run itself.

Sport Schiffer Innerkrems
9862 Kremsbrücke, Innerkrems
Tel.: 0043 (0)4736 345


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