Cross-country skiing

The fascination of Nordic Fitness in Innerkrems

A favourite for young and old, and health-giving too, it can’t really a sport. And yet it is: with langlauf the cardio-vascular system gains momentum, there is a positive effect on coordination and locomotion, and the body is better suited to stress reduction.

Also: One burns up a not inconsiderable number of calories.

The fitness concept for every day. Become active, it concerns your health!

Please inquire in advance whether the cross-country ski runs have already been tracked!

Tracked cross-country ski run from Gmünd / Karnerau towards Maltatal
Infos: Gästeinformation Gmünd, Tel.: 0043 (0)4732 2215 14

Offers a circuit of ca. 2,5 km (partly twin track) - here you can also take your dog.
Infos: Sport Schiffer Innerkrems, Tel.: 0043 (0)4736 345

You will find a 14 km altitude cross-country ski run with a magnificent panorama (1,700 - 2,100m)
Infos: Tourismusbüro Thomatal, Tel.: 0043 (0)6476 250

Sportberg Goldeck
Offers a circuit of ca. 2 km
Infos: Sportberg Goldeck, Tel.: 0043 (0)4762 2864

Skigebiet Katschberg
Cross-Country ski run Katschberg, ca. 16 km
Cross-Country ski run Pöllatal, ca. 10 km
Infos: Tourismusbüro Katschberg, Tel.: 0043 (0)4734 630


Cross-Country Skiing - LESSONS

Information & Booking

Sport Schiffer Innerkrems

9862 Kremsbrücke, Innerkrems 9a
Tel.: 0043 (0)4736 345

Goldeck Skischule
9805 Baldramsdorf, Schwaig 38
Tel.: 0043 (0)4762 36799

Skischule am Katscherg
9863 Katschberg



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