Experience Nature along rivers and streams

Out and about in the valley of rushing water

You really are on your 'own special' hike when you are beside water - walking through the natural world, listening to the rustling of the trees - as if they are telling you something - and breathing in the clear air...


Wassergedankenweg Gößfälle

Unique nature-jewel - On the other side of the valley from the Wassererlebnispark Fallbach water experience park, at the start of the Gößgraben and shortly before the Gößbach joins the Malta, are the Gößfälle.

Experience one of the loveliest waterfall ensembles in Carinthia: a harmonious triad of sound – shaped by Nature. The Gößfälle are a unique natural jewel with several viewing platforms, which offer magnificent points from which to appreciate the plunging masses of water, falling from up to 50 metres. The themed trail along the three tiers of the waterfalls, ending with a suspension bridge high in the air, confronts visitors with quotations by famous people on the subject of water, inviting contemplation, philosophising and pauses for thought. Immediately before the first waterfall, the water arena, with a platform reaching out into the water, invites one to linger and marvel. A water-themed trail leads from the water arena to the upper end of the Göss ravine. The individual places for stopping and resting are places of peace, at which one can listen to the constant roar of the waterfalls – but which should also encourage contemplation.

The short track to the first Gößfall – c. 150 m – is constructed in such a way that it can be negotiated successfully by the physically or visually impaired. Hiking here with toddlers is also not a problem.

The exit point for the hike is the “Gößfälle“ parking area between the Zirmhof and Pflüglhof guesthouses.

After just c. 150m you catch sight of the lower Gößfall in all its glory. The underflow of the Gößbach forms a wild and romantic granite ravine, with massive waterfalls, flooded ledges and crystal clear pools. Immediately before the first waterfall, the water arena, with a platform reaching out into the water, invites one to linger and marvel. A suspension bridge at the end of the themed trail offers an imposing view once again into the upper part of the ravine. About one hour should be allowed for the climb up and back again.

Naturerlebnisweg „Malteiner Wasserspiele“

The Malteiner Wasserspiele are a particular place of interest in Malta. - The nature trail starts right beside the tollbooth at the Restaurant Falleralm.

The easy hike, which lasts c. two hours, is a real family experience and runs for c. 5 km along the Malta valley. On the way there is an impressive view of the Malta, as well as streams and waterfalls. The idyllically situated “Blauer Tumpf” or “Blue Pool” in the Schönau is the last of 18 stopping places. Some 1.5 hours should be allowed for walking back to the start. At the start of the hike one can buy a small information leaflet giving a detailed description.


Carinthias's highest waterfall - The Fallbach - opposite the confluence of the Gößgraben - plunges over a rock face here and thunders down 200m into the depths.

It is thus Carinthias's most powerful waterfall. The Fallbach forms the imposing start to a line of further waterfalls. Because of these magnificent waterfalls and untamed streams the Maltatal is considered one of the loveliest Tauern valleys.

The "Wassererlebnispark Fallbach" has a lot of information on the subject of water, a water-themed trail, a sandpit, reservoirs, climbing garden and much more. Playing with and by water is the main activity.


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