Krems in Carinthia

Krems in Carinthia

Krems in Carinthia - Innerkrems - Where "iron for the world" was once mined, where gold, silver and arsenic were the basis of the prosperity of the landscape, a guest seeking rest now finds an unimproved high-lying valley.

No wonder that the charming countryside was peopled with figures from legend like goblins and witches. Between the "Karlbad" fountain of youth with its natural healing powers and the "Königstuhl", the mountain shared by three countries, the holiday-maker will find numerous opportunities in the Nocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve to walk out from Krems into the countryside to restore his health. Meadows full of flowers and crystal-clear mountain lakes promise wholesome relaxation in the unspoilt countryside.

Not isolated, but undisturbed mountain cabins and alpine hostels for overnight stops and holidays at the heart of nature (from 800 - 2200m) with some curious four-legged neighbours!

Informal but full of tradition - from earthy and ethnic to the lap of luxury, with service or self-catering, it's up to you - it's your hiliday.

A holiday with a differnce - the natural world pure and simple.


Tourismusverband Krems in Kärnten


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