Bergsteigerdorf Malta

At the gateway to the Hohe Tauern National Park

According to an old legend, in the "sunniest spot" in Carinthia lies the cradle of Carinthian song. The favourable, sunny climate moulds the character of the landscape and the people.

The sporting possibilities here mirror the range of conditions, from those in the temperate valley to the eternal ice of the glaciers.

A little resort with a big history. Here a holiday becomes an experience of Nature.

Whether it be a wildly romantic rocky glen or the pleasant green valley, imposing waterfalls or the call of the timeless glacier.
Simply pause awhile in the helter-skelter of time and discover anew the untold wonders of Nature. Thus do moments experienced in the Maltatal become unforgettable impressions - for the whole family.

Situated in the Hohe Tauern National Park region, Malta, formerly known as "the valley of the rushing water", has now been tamed by the famous Malta Dam.
Nowhere else will walkers and climbers find such diverse mountain terrain to explore. Summit and ridge must, however, remain the domain of proficient alpinists, as mountains over 3000 metres and glaciers often take their toll bevore they reveal their natural beatuy. Nevertheles, the extensive network of mountain trails enables less-experienced ramblers to venture into the eternal snow and ice of the Tauern Glacier.


Tourismusbüro Maltatal
9854 Malta, Malta 13
Tel. 0043 (0)4733 220 15


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