Nocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve

Nocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve

The gentle experience of Nature - Expressed through flowers: they are the carpet on which the zest for life blossoms. The Nockberge are home to a fascinating world of plants and animals in the same way as they are to guests seeking recuperation.

The Nocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve stretches from the Lieser-Maltatal to the Turracher Höhe in the east and Bad Kleinkirchheim in the south. At least half - 96 km2 - is formally designated as a nature reserve.

Information points along the Nockalmstraße offer an ideal entry into the world of the National Park and open up fascinating ideas and vistas.

Mountain Road Nockalmstrasse

For every natur lover the drive through the Nockberge mountains is an unforgettable experience. The 35 km long curvaceous road leads through this highly fascinating area. The Nockberge mountains are Europe's only national park situated in high mountains that is home to the widest spruce, larch and Swiss stone pine forest of the Eastern Alps (well sign-posted hiking trails)

From the biginnigs of Mai to 26.10., every day


Biosphärenpark Nockberge
9565 Ebene Reichenau Nr. 117
Tel.: 0043 (0)4275 665
Tel.: 0043 (0)4736 265 (Kassenstelle Innerkrems)


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