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Lieser- Maltatal: Up and down the mountains

Wonderfully walkable ways

Why do even walkers who have been travelled far and wide insist that the Lieser-Maltatal really is one of the most beautiful regions? Because it’s true. The vast number of pleasantly laid out and well signposted tracks and paths make the heart of any hiker beat faster.



Paths to happiness - The loveliest hikes


Marked hiking trails lead directly to the majesty of the mountains, with magnificent wildlife and lush vegetation. If desired, experienced mountain guides will show you the most magical spots.

Crystal-clear mountain lakes and soft, gentle air are permeated with the fragrance of ripe berries or the aroma of mushrooms. Shady forests of fir and larch, mosses, lichens, verdant mountain pastures are interspersed with the striking blues and reds of bilberries and cranberries. With a scrap of luck you may even meet chamois and deer.

By wearing a lightweight hat one can enjoy the sun at altitude without any downside. One can see more with sunglasses than with screwed-up eyes. Heat regulating shirts should be standard. And absorbent underwear too. Robust, waterproof boots with profile soles are absolutely essential. A must for every longer hike: a rucksack with plenty of useful items.

Touring tips in the Lieser- und Maltatal: A small selection of hikes in the Lieser- und Maltatal, representing the many recommended routes.

Where tracks and trails gently invite one to experience the joy of family hiking, where sharp and spicy herbs alternate with the shining white of winter on spacious pastures in the natural rhythm of the year, body and soul acquire a new vigour.

GMÜND - Stubeck

Start at the Oberes Stadttor zur Alten Burg, the Upper Town Gate to the  Old Castle – and proceed in the direction of the Kalvarienberg – soon a small track goes off to the right – to Treffenboden. The track now winds fairly steeply upwards, but soon reaches a level area. One hikes from here through meadows and fields to a tarmacked roadway. Here one turns sharp right, swings left again in the forest and climbs up fairly steeply to the "Hubenbauer". The route now takes you up in easy stages onto the gravel road leading from Gmünd to the Frido-Kordon-Hütte. The road is crossed after a few yards, and later several times more. A good 2 hours out of Gmünd and after a level stretch one arrives at a free-standing refuge. From here one climbs steeply up to the left across a meadow and is soon at the Frido-Kordon-Hütte. The marked route continues, with the forest behind one, leading on a moderately steep climb along a fence beside a meadow to the summit, the Gipfelkreuz Stubeck (2,370m).

Time on foot: c. 5 1/2 hours from Gmünd
Option of going by car up to the Frido-Kordon-Hütte - Time on foot from the refuge to the summit c. 2 hours
Stop-off points:
Frido-Kordon-Hütte - Tel.: +43 4733 528
Wölflbauerhütte - Tel.: +43 664 6520173

MALTA - Osnabrückerhütte

On the bank of the Speicher Kölnbrein Reservoir into the valley along the vehicle-free gravel road to the Arlboden. From here continue west on the bank to the junction of the Kleinelendtal Valley and south over the Kleinelend Stream to the end of the reservoir. A hiking trail branches off the road in a lovely landscape on a flat valley floor to the Osnabrücker Hütte (2,022m), from where an impressive view opens up to the head of the valley and to the mighty backdrop of the Großelendkees.

Time on foot: c. 2 hours
Stop-off point: Osnabrückerhütte - Tel.: +43 4783 211139159

TREBESING - Bartlmann (2,428m)

The settlements of Radl or Großhattenberg can be chosen as the start point, and it is worth mentioning that it is possible to drive up as far as the Stranner Family farm in Großhattenberg. From there the hike leads via the Großhattenberg and Ebenwald forest track to the edge of the forest at the Hattenberger meadows. From there a marked climb leads over the watershed between Radlgraben and Maltatal, almost all the time following the ridge, to the summit.

Time on foot: c. 7 - 8 hours


Information and suggestions for tours:

Alpinsport Koller
9853 Gmünd
Tel.: +43 650 5545776

Bergabenteuer Maltatal
9854 Malta, Brandstatt 14
Tel.: +43 650 9923113



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