Porsche Automuseum

Porsche Automuseum Gmünd

Europe's first private Porsche Museum is situated in Gmünd, the birthplace of the first car named Porsche (1944-1950).

The extensive collection contains 40 exhibits: from Porsche 356 style 356 020 ALU, designed and built in Gmünd, over the floatable Porsche hunting wagon (1956) to Porsche rally and race.cars.

Prof. Dr. Ing. h.c. Ferdinand Porsche, lived and worked in Carinthia from 1944 to 1950. It was here in Gmünd, that the first car to bear the name Porsche, was built - the legendary Porsche 356. 44 coupes and 8 convertibles of this design were built by 300 employees in the Gmünd works.

It was with much idealism and effort that, in 1982, Mr. Helmut Pfeifhofer, founded the first and only private PORSCHE museum. This museum covers the whole range of Porsches designes, from the Austro-Daimler, to the Steyr and Volkswagen. It also Covers Porsches series of victories on all the road and race courses of the world.

The archives, including video and stock shots, provide a wealth of information to complement the remarkable collection of exhibits in the field of Porsche technology.


Porsche Automuseum - Pfeifhofer GmbH
9853  Gmünd, Riesertratte 4a
Tel.: +43 4732 2471

Opening hours 2021
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15. may - 15. october, every day from 9am - 6pm
16. october - 30.october, every day from 10am - 4pm
1. november - 25. december closed!
26. december - 16.march, every day from 10am - 4pm

Price 2021:
€ 9,- per adult
€ 3,50 per child (6 - 14 years)
€ 8,- per adult for groups from 20 persons

Free admission with the Summer-Kärnten Card!



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