Innerkrems discovery path

Innerkrems discovery path

Straight into adventure! Young people can embark on a major adventure with the exciting and also very instructive Entdeckerpfad discovery path.
Numerous obstacles must be overcome to reach the end of this thrilling journey.

Right at the beginning one goes through the lost cavern to Arachne, the giant spider. When one has helped to wrap up her prey, one can move on to the sacrificial altar of the “Ur-Nocki” inhabitants. And then… hold on, no, we are not going to reveal any more!

One thing is for sure: Fun for the whole family is guaranteed, when the young pathfinders have to battle through the devil’s gorge, past sleeping eagles and through winding mazes.

The brave adventurers are rewarded with the Junior Ranger Badge and a certificate.

Fun & games for the whole family!

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Entdeckerpfad Innerkrems, Blutige Alm Hütte
9862 Kremsbrücke, Innerkrems 131
Tel.: 0043 (0)650 6141183



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