Energy Experience Trail Trebesing

Energy Experience Trail Trebesing


The Trebesing Energy Experience Trail is the energy tale for children and grown-ups.

It all began in the Drachenschlucht, the dragon’s ravine...

The hero of our story lives there, the small dragon born with feet that are much too big, so that it treads on everything in its way. Things get  really bad for him when he sets off a rock fall on his way to see his dragon girlfriend… But on a journey full of adventure he will learn how wonderfully the world is put together, and that it is important to walk around with a small ecological footprint. He also has to perform three tasks:

* Seek out the Temple of the Sun and reveal the secret of the sun
* Solve the riddle of the wind at the Palace of the Winds
* Discover the miracle of life at the Tree of Life

Accompany the small dragon on an educationally valuable journey, and help him to perform his three tasks successfully


Energie Erlebnisweg Trebesing
9852 Trebesing, Trebesing 19
Tel.: +43 4732 3000

Openingtimes 2021

kaerntencard big

Beginning of june till 23rd september: daily

Price 2021:
€ 12,- for adults | € 7,- for children from 4 years | Children till 3,99 years free

Free admission with the Summer-Kärnten Card!

Price for the shuttle:
€ 6,- for adults | € 4,- for children




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