Experience the purest water in the Lieser-Maltatal

In and by water, the cares of the world are lifted, and one is literally buoyed up!

Why should one see something special in something as ordinary as water? Something that one uses for washing, cooking and drinking, and which is normally available in abundance and at any time…

It is precisely this “ordinariness” that possibly makes us overlook the special and unique qualities of water.

* Without water there is no life
* Our body is two thirds water
* No single living thing on our planet can survive entirely without water

Be aware of this and go consciously about your daily life hand in hand with this “white gold”...

Swimming pools or lakes invite one to cool off in the summer months.



In Gmünd the solar heated experience outdoor pool provides fun for the whole family. A large meadow for sunbathing, children’s play equipment, a long flume, shoulder shower and Jacuzzi invite one to relax. For our “younger guests” there’s an extra paddling pool.

Gmünd Outdoor Schwimming Pool
9853 Gmünd, Gries 77
Tel.: 0043 (0)676 847846831

Open: 14th June - august daily from 9 am - 6 pm
Price 2021: € 4,- per adult / € 2,- per children (6 - 15 year)
Free admission with the Kärnten Card.


In Malta one can soothe the soul in the outdoor pool or find new energy in the natural water features at Gries or Reding.

Outdoor swimming pool Malta
9854 Malta
Tel.: 0043 (0)4733 220

Open: june - august, daily
Price 2021: € 3,50 per adult | € 2,- per children (6 - 15,99 year) | Children till 5,99 years free!
Price from 3pm: € 2,- per adult | € 1,- per children (6 - 15,99 year)

The water-places Gries and Reding are every time open.


”Graggltümpfe” water experience in Trebesing - the ideal place to take a deep breath, hear the rushing of the Lieser, put your feet in the water and simply relax.

Babydorf Trebesing
9852 Trebesing
Tel.: 0043 (0)4732 3000

Open: every time


And the nearby Millstätter Badesee invites one to swim, surf, sail, go boating and much more. In about 15 minutes by car from Gmünd you are in Seeboden on the Millstätter See.

Naturally, all the other lakes in Carinthia are also worth a “dip”.




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