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Nordic Walking - Jogging - Running

Fitness at its finest in the valley Lieser- Maltatal.

You would like to become acquainted with Nordic walking during your holiday, or simply do some training. Our region is a true Eldorado for Nordic walkers

Nordic walking = active walking with sticks, with the aim of transferring one’s weight to the arms by a pushing and thrusting motion, and thus achieving extremely effective whole body training. With Nordic walking, what is important is not what the person achieves at the sport, but what the sport achieves for the person.

Run to get fit!

According to Wikipedia, jogging / running increases stamina, the physical performance of the body, and strengthens the cardio-vascular system. It therefore has the effects of endurance training. And it has a positive influence on bone thickness

Doesn’t that sound super?

But for sure you knew that already...

When you have started, found the joy of physical activity and outwitted the inclination just to do nothing, you can’t stop. Or put another way, you feel awful if you don’t do it...

A pair of running shoes, and you can pursue your favourite activity anywhere and at any time.

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