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Dreaming of a white winter in the Lieser-Maltatal

Baby and Family Holiday***Nature & Experience ***Art and Culture
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Winter Skipass Price folder 2014 / 2015

Snow-covered forests invite one to go on long walks in the peaceful natural world, and to socialise round the crackling fires in the cosy mountain lodges.

Unending cross-country ski runs weave through the virgin whiteness, and the sleigh bells jingle from afar. Slowly and deliberately, the quiet period of Advent moves towards Christmas, and soon a fresh year begins with joyous New Year celebrations.

Lieser- Malatal holiday region - naturally good!

Arrive, unwind... A first glance at the winter landscape - already the soul is given a lift. And one’s whole body heaves a sigh of relief. The hearty “Grüß Gott“, the friendly handshake. Yes, the country here and its people have kept their character. And from the meeting, in time perhaps there will be friendship for life.

Whilst out with friends and children, to build a snowman, or make slow progress through knee-deep snow in the forest and enjoy the snow-covered landscape. And to start a new day afresh the next morning.

Past crystal clear, partly frozen rivers, breathing in the pure, cool air, perfumed with the aroma of the damp forest floor. Snow-covered forests of spruce and larch, moss, lichen, white fields - and just occasionally a cheeky blade of grass - recollections of a beautiful summer. With luck one might even meet deer or hare.

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